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Awesome track! When the song started with the first "I", I thought it was going to be a remix of Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round hahaha. Although that would have been amazing, this was still very good! I like this better than your dubstep, but that's just me.
Keep it up!

SoLoR1 responds:

Sorry for the late response!!! Thank you dude haha, I love that song I haven't heard it in years!!! I might just have to remix it ;) I'm at a hit or miss with dubstep, I think Electro and Trance is where I really excell in but I just love doing any genre of music, incorporating organic instruments with electronic is just limitless!

Once again thank you for you response, keep in touch!!

Pretty awesome, I like the shushing!

I can hear why this got you on the radio!
Keep it up guys, considering buying the album when it drops.

Very nice! Glad to see you are still hanging around here on Newgrounds.
Love the song, you guys sound good together! By "up until now everything I have posted here have only featured parts I had personally recorded" do you even mean your classics like mmmkay, cpt fantastic and crazyme (those are still some of my favorite tracks you ever made)? That's pretty sick man, I thought you worked with an actual band most of the time.

thirty-six responds:

Yeah man!
For those other tracks I was using really good acoustic drum samples and playing them out with midi and I would record all of the keys, vocals, guitars and bass on my own.

Glad you like the new stuff! We will be posting more soon so keep an eye out :)

I still love you.

UMP UMP UMP indeed. Pretty sweet dude!

Catchy, Clean, and 5 stars for making me nostalgia hard.

fishfood2021 responds:

Thanks for coming! Punch and bananas are to your left.


I love it man! Smoke Marijuana every day!
No seriously, this song is pretty awesome while smoking a bong.
Love your shit, please continue making music!

Holy shit!

This song is some professional shit! I really like the classic intro, and all of a sudden a raw upcoming beat. It's like perfect futuristic movie music (like huge cities and stuff, like Blaqoon said. Continue making these!

TiGeR responds:

Thanks! I will continue making songs as soon as I get the time for it :)!


Man, I love you

You have the best music skills I've heard in a long time.
Since you've uploaded We put the I in AIDS, I've been a big fan.
Great work, and keep it up man!
This deserves the 10 stars.


I put the Art in Party Pooping

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