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Yes now this gets the juices flowing.
Get yourself an Adult Swim show my man, what an adventure. NOT!

Absolutely beautiful! Stunning animation, interesting story, great voice actor and beautiful backgrounds, everything you could ask for!

Heh, this actually came up once in one of those late night conversations with some friends.
Smooth animation to go with it, nice job!

LinkTCOne responds:

Thanks man, when you think about it Monopoly is one messed up game :D. That's capitalism for ya!

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Not bad, but I'd recommend to put your smoothness of the brush symbol a little higher, and try to make the arrows a little more "arrow-like". Keep going!

Great and addictive

Deserves way more than daily 3rd. Awesome game.

Man, this is brutal!

I LOVE it!
Unlike what other people say, I think the one button gameplay is an awesome idea, and great moves.
The parry system makes it a lot easier, and the ending bosses rock, but the Duke of hell guy wasn't the hardest. Best ending video ever btw xD.
Anyway: A great production, and nice gameplay and graphics; Make more!

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Awesome track! When the song started with the first "I", I thought it was going to be a remix of Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round hahaha. Although that would have been amazing, this was still very good! I like this better than your dubstep, but that's just me.
Keep it up!

SoLoR1 responds:

Sorry for the late response!!! Thank you dude haha, I love that song I haven't heard it in years!!! I might just have to remix it ;) I'm at a hit or miss with dubstep, I think Electro and Trance is where I really excell in but I just love doing any genre of music, incorporating organic instruments with electronic is just limitless!

Once again thank you for you response, keep in touch!!

Pretty awesome, I like the shushing!

I can hear why this got you on the radio!
Keep it up guys, considering buying the album when it drops.

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Oh wow, what a coincidence! Was browsing through your Inktober work (great Buckethead homage by the way) and stumbled on this, the exact same concept as what I made! I'm not gonna post links on your work but feel free to check it out in my gallery.
This incredibly well done, especially for a (semi) rushed piece, feels very alive! Great linework and some subtle coloring, only thing I'm able to critique here is the right eye socket of the skull, dead fella seems to be frowning now lol.

MintyFreshThoughts responds:

Hey thanks man! Appreciate the feeback. I checked your gallery and couldn’t find the day 13, but I’m sure it looks awesome. I’ll check back soon

Reminded me of Un Chien Andalou on first sight.
Pretty goddamn spooky, keep it up.

Your best Kaiju so far, the pose and the whole composition is superb. keep it up!

koroboy responds:

Oh thanks!!!

I’ll strangle your dachshund with my Subaru Walkman.

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